Fun Activities to Do with Kids for Halloween: Halloween Ideas For Decorating, Crafts, and Games

Halloween is the time of year where ghosts come alive, ghouls roam the Earth, and witches fly high on their broomsticks. Children count down the days until they can don their costumes and go trick-or-treating door-to-door. Although getting candy can be the highlight of Halloween, there are many other fun activities kids can do during the Halloween season.

Decorating a Halloween Tree

Most people don’t think twice about decorating a Christmas tree, so why not decorate a Halloween tree? Pick a small tree or bush outside that kids can easily reach. Begin with applying Halloween garlands. Next, apply some fake spider webs. Be sure to spread them way out to cover as much of the tree or bush as possible.

For decorations, hang some miniature pumpkin buckets and skeletons. Spider rings can be placed in the spider webs. To top it off, place some headstones in front of the tree or bush. To keep costs down, check out any local dollar stores in the area.

Pin the Smile On the Jack-O’-Lantern

This game works the same way as Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Get a poster board and creative a Jack-O’-Lantern without a mouth. Using black construction paper, cut out different mouths so each child participating in the game has a mouth. Place rolled up tape on the back of the mouth.

One at a time, cover the child’s eyes, spin the child around, and let him/her give their best attempt to properly place the mouth on the Jack-O’-Lantern. The child who comes closest to placing the mouth in the correct position, wins! Be sure to have a prize for the winner.

Halloween Treasure Hunt

Kids love an Easter egg hunt, so why not have a Halloween hunt? Instead of Easter eggs, get some Halloween treat bags. Put a small item or a piece of candy in each bag. Items can include a miniature bubble container, Halloween ring, silly putty, slinky, or a puzzle, to name a few. Hide bags and let the treasure hunt begin!

Halloween Paper Bag Puppets

Make some Halloween puppets using lunch paper bags. Use crayons to create ghosts, bats, pumpkins, skeletons and witches. Additional materials can include felt for clothing and yarn for hair. Once the puppets are completed, kids can use them to put on a Halloween puppet show.

Glow Stick Story time

Pick up some glow sticks, turn off the lights, and have everyone gather around in a circle. Have the first person hold the glow sticks and begin to tell a scary Halloween tale. Pass the glow sticks to the next person and have that individual continue the story. Keep passing the glow sticks around the circle until everyone has had a chance to contribute to the Halloween yarn.

Some additional ideas are to see how many words kids can make using the letters in the word Halloween and creating a Halloween word search. Don’t forget to check online for free, printable Halloween coloring pages.

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