Funny Halloween Costumes for Men: Imaginative & Humorous Adult Costume Ideas

Halloween costumes don’t necessarily have to be scary. Try dressing up like Napoleon Dynamite, Jerry Garcia, or a roller derby girl for a howling good Halloween.

Funny Halloween Costumes for Men

Here are six imaginative and humorous costume ideas for men. Most of these costumes require very little effort to put together, like the Wayne’s World costume, for example. Other costumes, like the roller derby girl, may take a little more effort, but the results are well worth it.

  • Napoleon Dynamite – For this hilarious costume, dress up in a Vote For Pedro t-shirt tucked into a basic pair of jeans. Next, tuck the jeans into some snow boots. Wear a pair of 70’s style shades, a black plastic wristwatch and a curly blond wig. Practice making Napoleon Dynamite’s face, which is virtually as expressionless as possible. Say things to trick-or-treaters like, “You gonna eat your tots?” and “Are you guys having a killer time?”
  • Roller Derby Girl – The most important item needed for this costume is a pair of old roller skates. The next items needed are a pair of knee socks with stripes at the top, a numbered jersey tucked into a pleated tennis skirt, a ladies wig, knee pads, elbow pads and a helmet. Lipstick and fake eyelashes are optional.
  • Jerry Garcia – This costume requires a tie-dyed t-shirt, put one on and stuff a small pillow underneath to create a pot belly. Wear a pair of basic jeans with Birkenstocks or open-toed sandals, a shoulder length white wig and beard, and a pair of 70’s style aviator glasses.
  • Hillbilly – For this costume, dress in denim overalls and a beer t-shirt. Wear a set of fake hillbilly teeth, a trucker hat, and a pair of old cowboy boots. To create a dirty face, rub some brown makeup on random areas of the forehead, cheeks and chin. Rub brown makeup on forearms as well to create extra grubbiness. Carry around an empty plastic milk jug labeled “Moonshine”, and say “Yee-Haw” a lot.
  • Tree Hugger – Dress completely in Brown. Cover face with light brown makeup, and draw tree-like lines and swirls over it with a dark brown or black makeup crayon. Wear a green wig; Afro style is recommended, but any style wig will work. Place a Barbie doll on one shoulder, so that it hugs around the neck.
  • Wayne’s World – This is one of the simplest costumes to put together. The most important item needed is a shoulder length black wig. Take a solid colored trucker hat, and write “Wayne’s World” on the front of it in black marker. Draw some lightning bolts on the sides of the hat for added effect. Wear these two items together with a pair of basic jeans, a t-shirt of any heavy metal rock band and a pair of white tennis shoes. Say things to trick-or-treaters like, “Excellent” and “Party on” and don’t forget to give the two thumbs up gesture along with a great big smile.

There are so many fun Halloween costume ideas to choose from. This Halloween, try one of these hysterical costumes, they’re sure to generate lots of laughs.

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