Halloween Safety Tips for Home Owners, the Elderly and Children

Every night of the year, the majority of parents are unlikely to allow their children to head off around the neighbourhood – except of course for Halloween. This tradition has become a dread for many home owners, especially those with pets and the elderly.

Halloween Safety Tips for Home Owners – Do Not Disturb Sign

If you are not relishing the thought of having a constant stream of kids turning up on Halloween, then here are some simple tips to make the evening a little less stressful. The helpful people at Gwent Police have offered an easy to download poster to display on your front door. This “do not disturb sign” is in the shape of a pumpkin, clearly stating “No Callers Please, Enjoy Your Evening” with the Gwent Police sign at the bottom.

Halloween Safety – Downloadable Sign

For those unfortunate enough to live near older children who like to display a passion for egg throwing as part of their Halloween ritual, this one is for you. Another particularly useful sign to display, features eggs with pumpkin-style faces painted on and the slogan “‘Eggs Have Many Uses … Throwing Isn’t One Of Them!” This is recommended for use on shop doors and windows, which are frequently targeted by dim-witted individuals. For use at home, simply remove the information under the slogan.

Halloween Survival for Elderly Residents

The elderly are likely to be especially vulnerable on Halloween. If you have an elderly relative or neighbour who would otherwise be alone on Halloween, consider inviting them round for part of the evening, or pop around to them, so that they do not have to deal with being hassled or frightened. It is also well worth downloading the posters mentioned above and offering to put them up.

Help Children Stay Safe on Halloween

Parents have the most important role to play in terms of keeping their children safe on Halloween. Here are a few quick tips for ensuring Halloween safety:

  • Never let children go out without adult supervision.
  • Make sure older teens have cell phones with them.
  • Set a curfew for older teens.
  • Take flashlights to remain visible.
  • Stay in a group – do not let kids wander off.
  • Avoid homes with do not disturb signs.

As highlighted above, Halloween can be fun for many children, but a complete nightmare for some vulnerable members of society, such as the elderly. The best thing to do is to clearly display a “do not disturb” sign and this will hopefully deter most, if not all trick-or-treaters. Parental responsibility is key, requiring parents to know where there children are, who they are with, and ensure that damage to property is completely unacceptable.

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