Healthy Halloween Party Food: Halloween recipes made with healthy, whole foods.

Need some last-minute Halloween recipes for your kids’ school parties?

Try these great Halloween treats. They not only taste great, they pack a super nutritional punch, too.

For kids Halloween parties, I like to serve orange and black foods to get them in the mood. Surprisingly, there are lots of healthy choices, like:

  • Sweet potato chips
  • Black bean dip with orange pepper slices
  • Monster eye balls (top 1-inch carrot stubs with a 1/2 tsp. cream cheese and half of a pitted black olive)
  • Pumpkin tea sandwiches (spread 3 slices of low fat pumpkin bread with 2 Tbsp. whipped cream cheese each, top with 3 more slices of pumpkin bread, and cut into four bite-sized sandwiches)
  • Chocolate peanut butter tea sandwiches on pumpkin bread (same recipe as above using dark chocolate peanut butter instead of whipped cream cheese)
  • Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies
  • Mango salsa served with black bean tortilla chips


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