Healthy Halloween Party Food, Treats, Snacks and Recipe Ideas

Too much trick or treat candy and Halloween party food can turn a fun holiday into an unhealthy experience for many kids. Parents may want to look online for ideas and recipes to help them create healthy Halloween party food, treats and snacks that their kids will want to eat and that will be better for them.

How to Make Healthier Halloween Party Food, Treats and Snacks

No parent wants to take the fun out of Halloween food for their kids, but many would like more control over the amount of sugar, additives and unhealthy ingredients that they will be exposed to. Thinking about the ingredients used to make snacks and treats can help. For example, parents may want to consider:

  • using healthy ingredients such as fresh and dried fruit and vegetables to create Halloween snacks and treats;
  • using low-fat and/or organic ingredients and natural food colorings to bake/cook their own dishes at home;
  • looking to substitute ingredients that are high in sugar, fat and additives with healthier alternatives to create traditional Halloween dishes;
  • buying healthier alternatives to candy such as boxes of raisins, dried fruits, fruit leather and granola bars.

So, for example, it may be worth baking home-made low-fat pumpkin muffins and letting kids add ghoulish frosting colored with natural food colorings. Jello dishes can be made with a low-sugar alternative to a regular product. An avocado dip can instantly turn into a dish of puke or snot and adding a natural red coloring to a cream cheese dip can turn it into a bowl of congealed blood.

Healthy Halloween Party Food Needs to Look Spooky

Kids like their Halloween party food to look the part. Dishes that look ghoulish and blood-curdling are all part of the holiday fun. If a plate of food looks right, then kids will eat it even if its core ingredients are healthier than they may realize. Here, the healthy element can be hidden by the appearance of the finished product.

For example, sliced carrots made to look like eyeballs with the addition of a cream cheese topping and an olive on top will hit the holiday mood much more effectively than some plain carrot sticks and a cream cheese dip. Chopped cooked spaghetti mixed in with a tomato sauce can be sold as brains or guts rather than just plain old pasta.

Halloween Cookie Cutters May Come in Useful

Shaping sandwiches, cookies, pizzas and pita breads into Halloween shapes can also be a good way of making healthy ingredients look more appealing. Cookie cutters shaped like spiders, pumpkins, witches hats, ghosts and bats may be worth looking out for here. Getting kids involved in preparing their own food may also help them enjoy eating it later.

Look Online for Healthy Halloween Recipe Ideas

Parents looking to find recipes for healthy Halloween food may find it useful to visit Disney’s FamilyFun website. This site has 15 recipes that combine the ghoulish with healthier eating including Carrot Finger Food, Apple Bites, Eerie Eyeballs and a truly impressive Melon Brain. Free online recipe sites can also be a valuable source of ideas. Learning more about creating healthy snacks for kids may be worth doing year round and not just at Halloween.

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