Inexpensive Halloween Costumes: What To Do When You Need a Costume at the Last Minute

Making an inexpensive Halloween costume at the last minute is very easy. Kids Halloween costumes are every easy to construct with these tips but adult costumes are also easy to put together. You will surely be a hit at all the Halloween parties you attend.

Costumes from Thrift Stores

An easy Halloween costume can be put together from clothes bought from a thrift store. Thrift stores are cheap and found nearly everywhere. Buying clothes from a thrift store does not limit you to a boring costume— quite the opposite! You can find ridiculous pieces that were unwanted. These pieces might not be fashionable, but they may be perfect for your costume.

Most movie character or celebrity costumes can be constructed with thrift store clothes and accessories. Thrift store clothes can also be altered to suit your purpose.

Sew Your Own Costume

If you are handy you can sew your own Halloween costume. To save even more time and money, you can just alter clothes you don’t want anymore or found at a thrift store. Sewing doesn’t have to be done with needle and thread— masking or duct tape can also be used to put costumes together.

Ask Your Friends for Props

Why buy props at a store when you can just borrow them from friends? If you need long black gloves for your Audrey Hepburn costume, for example, or any other oddly specific items, you can just ask your friends if they have any. Trading costumes and props is a great way to spend no money and get new costumes every year.

Pay Attention to Details

Details are really what make a costume. Even if it’s simple, some nice accessories or makeup, which are cheaper than clothes, will help add that extra spark. If you are making any sort of animal costume, for example, plain clothes that are the right color will do for the costume itself.

What really matters is your face, because that’s what everyone is going to see. An elaborate makeup job done by an artistic friend (or female relative) will help your costume look more realistic.

Use Craft Materials

Craft materials can be used to make cheap props. A pair of bunny ears from a party store may cost ten dollars, but if you have some white and pink felt, a headband, glue, and pipe cleaners, you can make a nice pair of poseable ears, saving you a few dollars. Homemade props can be given extra pizazz with glitter, sequins, and feathers.

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